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Charity Checker (UK) is a completely free site that allows people to check how much charitable spending any particular charity does before they make any donation. We want to ensure any donation you want to make goes toward a charity that will actually spend it on good causes, rather than on administration or unjustifiable salaries for it’s senior staff.

This site is totally independent and is not owned (or part-owned) by any of the charities. We do not make any charges to access the information, nor do we take any advertising.

Charity Checker (UK) is developed by South°. We are registered with the Information Commissioner. We have notified the ICO and our data protection number is Z2907170

Data obtained from the UK Charity Commission (for registered charities in England & Wales). The data for the CEO Salaries section was collected from multiple sources, including The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Third Sector Magazine, ACEVO Pay Survey 2014/15

We list data for nearly 1000 UK Charities, and a very small number of the links to the sites are affiliate links. These look and work in the same way as normal links, but if someone clicks through, the link is tracked and may generate a payment to the site. The details vary – sometimes the payment's per click, per user, per application, per accepted application or any combination. 

At time of writing less than 2% of the links to these charities are an affiliate link in order to cover the server and hosting costs. 

We want you to know when these links are affiliated. Unlike many sites that use affiliate links, we always  including a * after every one (an approach first adopted by that allows complete transparency). This allows you to know which links contribute to the site and which don't, so you can make your own decision. Wherever we include a * link, there's an unaffiliated version of the same link at the bottom of the page, so you can check there's no difference.